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Crysteria is a Celestial Shrine Maiden who is career-focused towards becoming an Illustrator, while having 'VTubing' as a hobby. A girl who spends her time to de-stress in the 'Realm of Dreams'! She likes to draw, play nostalgic games, and fangirl over her 'Husbandos'.

She doesn't have a 'Stream Schedule', but she's pretty consistent to streaming on Tuesday and Friday.


Crysteria's personality is essentially an INFJ. When faced with unfamiliar faces, she tends to be very shy, reserved, and somewhat uncomfortable during certain situations, but does her best to act politely and mature. However, once a 'Special Close Friendship' is established after long periods of bonding, she opens up to be playful and sometimes quite witty. In addition, her artistic abilities are remarkable, sketching out creative ideas that have a deeper meaning if analyzed closely. On the other hand, being a 'Organized Perfectionist', her drawing process takes quite a while, especially the dreadful 'Lineart Phase'. Even so, the end result of her illustrations come out very delicately detailed and beautiful.


A girl living in the reality who deals with constant little worries about her future, filling her mind with voices of doubt. When the nights get super tough and stressful, she holds her crystal necklace close and prays.

With the crystal shining, her soul is transferred into the 'Realm of Dreams', a place of fantasy and comfort. In here, she is the Celestial Spirit Maiden who wanders around in her 'Secret Garden' or sleeps peacefully under the Wisteria Tree.

It’s a place to escape all the burdens and worries until the dawn arrives and her soul is transferred back to reality. A place to sort out her thoughts before facing the future ahead.

In the meantime, she spends this time within the Realm of Dreams drawing to focus on her art career while VTubing as fun hobby.


  • Has a 'Husbando Talk' redeem in which chat can choose a random number for her to talk about one of her 200+ Husbandos.
  • Alternatively, has a 'Waifu/Daughter Talk' redeem in which chat can choose a random number for her to talk about one of her 200+ Waifus or Daughters.


  • Speaks Korean, English, Japanese.
    • English and Korean are her Primary Language, Japanese is her Studied Language.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Big Lover of Spicy Foods, especially Korean Foods.
    • Has a 'Tongue of Steel' and may have a Spicy Food Addiction.
    • Examples. (Eats Spicy Fire Noodles with 'No Crying or Pain'/Obsessed with Spicy Chicken McNuggets/Recently had Jalapeño Addiction)
  • Collected over 40+ Plushies.
    • Very Soft and Huggable.
    • A BIG FAN of Cute Things.
  • Has a 'Collection Addiction'.
    • Jewelry 'Necklaces'/Scarves
    • Washi Tape/Mechanical Pencils/Copic Markers
    • Art Books/Manga/Cards
    • Sketchbooks/Clear Folders/Acrylic Keychains/ETC.
  • Created a Husbando and Waifu List
    • Husbandos: Currently listed around 200+ Favorite Male Characters
    • Likes Blonde/Royal-Looking/Antagonistic Characters
    • Waifus (Also some Daughters): Currently Listed around 250+ Favorite Female Characters
    • Likes Black Hair/Hime Cut Characters
  • HUGE Bug/Insect Phobia. (Please don't send this poor girl any Bug/Insect Images.)
    • Absolutely hates Cockroaches/Centipedes/Moths/Spiders/ETC.
    • Can't look at them in IRL/Pictures & Drawings/Games. (Exception: Pokemon)
  • Enjoys Rhythm Games and describes herself (perhaps too modestly) as an "Above Average Rhythm Game Player".


  • Crysteria drew her own Live2D VTuber Model.
    • The process took her around 3 weeks.
    • Her Model was rigged by Koro.
  • Crysteria drew her own Logo, Lore Video Drawings, Twitch Panels, Stream Overlay, Stream Screens, Alerts, Sub Badges, Channel Points Icon, and Emotes.
    • Truly a DIY Person when it comes to stuff she has the artistic skills to create them.
    • Her Stream Screens (Start/BRB/End) were animated by Koro.
    • Her Transition was made by Fyre. In addition, her Alerts were animated by Fyre as well.
  • Crysteria's Debut Day Trailer and Lore Video were created by Koro.

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